Iyanya Explains In Detail How Ubi Cheated Him Out Of Money That Tekno Made

Iyanya Explains In Detail How Ubi Cheated Him Out Of Money That Tekno Made

Earlier in the week we wrote about how in a recent interview with Ndani TV, Iyana exposed his former business associate and friend Ubi Franklin for cheating him in regards to the business of their record label MMMG.

Ubi Franklin has come out to deny what Iyanya said and claims that Iyanya is lying to make himself look good.

The latest part of this drama is Iyanya’s new interview with Daddy Freeze. The explosive interview gives a very detailed and explosive revelation of how things went from sweet to messy in just a few years. Iyanya revealed how he was sidelined in the business affairs of the record label they once ran together.

For starters, Iyanya stated that Emma Nyra inspired the Made Men Music Group name saying “The name Made Men was given to us by Emma Nyra. We all sat down and she said I see you guys are young guys, you guys are all struggling and I think Made Men would be a good name and we all just caught it like that and we said yea let’s work with that,” 

He explained in detail how Ubi cheated him “Before this Ubi had already brought this CAC form to me, when I signed this thing…those who know are still alive and if they are hearing me now they can testify to this. When I signed those papers, this guy took those papers and he left my room. After one year I was just moving around and an old classmate told me to go to CAC that I deserve a right… I took a flight to Abuja without telling anyone and found out my name was not on the document rather it was Ubi and his brothers’ name that was on the document,” he said.

Then the conversation shifted to Tekno. 

Iyanya revealed that Ubi Franklin had made Tekno believe that he (Iyanya) hated him.

“I was in the car with Tekno when he said ‘Hey bro, I can’t believe you are talking to me like this and you are being free with me and he said because Ubi said you don’t like me’ and I’m like why? What did you do to me that would make me hate you? I have always loved you from time. That made me realize that there was a problem,” he said.

He went further to reveal that when it came to the money that Tekno had made, Ubi also cheated him. 

“Tekno told me that he won’t lie to me that since Duro came out that he has made over N30M. I had gotten only N145K from Tekno’s career for the whole time. Do you know why I was this open to him? I didn’t want him to think I was just here on the boss side, chopping your money and the whole thing, so I was like bro why would I hate you? I don’t even take your money…that’s how much I love you, I don’t go for your money because I know you are young and you just started so whatever you are making now, I cant struggle that stuff with you. He was like no no no bro…i don’t think you understand me, I have made over N30M from Duro. That was the first fight I had with Ubi, it was so serious,” 

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Iyanya made it clear that the only reason he’s bringing up this issue is because he wants Ubi to change 

“…I’m tired of this thing, you are messingso many people’s lives up. I’m not trying to run you down, I’m talking to you to change. The reason I’m coming to talk like this is because you don’t know the many lives you have ruined, you don’t know that you’ve ruined so many people’s minds and all of them in this time that we are will come out and talk. Its time for you to change if you are watching me…Tekno one day will come out and speak the truth”


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