I AM TIRED! Waje Laments Over Her Invisible Music Career

I AM TIRED! Waje Laments Over Her Invisible Music Career

A video uploaded on Waje’s Youtube page, reveals the singer throwing in the towel and giving up on her music career.

The 12 minute clip opened with her skimming through a couple of screen shots from twitter with some fans blaming her nose diving career on the misogynistic society while others blame her self-inflicted invisibility on lack of promotion, in relation to her new album.

A devastated Waje looking unkempt on her bed puts a distress call out to her friends identified as Fatima and Tolani and confessed “I am frustrated I wont lie…I’m just really tired…I no longer believe that this thing is working”  When it seemed her friends didnt understand her plight she lost control and cried out “I am not giving up, i do not have faith in it anymore. i dont think anyone is going to call me a failure. I am tired!”

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The singer who recently co-produced a movie, ‘SHE IS’ with her friend and colleague Omawunmi, admitted to having other things to do with her money and no longer deemed the music industry worthy of investing her money in, in her words “in case you people dont understand, its my money I’m spending into this thing and i am tired of putting my money in something i dont have faith about

It seems Waje is done with the music industry and ready to move on to other things, well of course we wish her the best.


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