Davido Talks About Afrobeats And His New Album In New Interview In The US

Davido Talks About Afrobeats And His New Album In New Interview In The US

International music superstar Davido is currently doing a press run in the U.S to promote his music.

Right now, Davido’s “Fall” is one of the biggest songs in the U.S and it’s currently climbing the music charts over there so Davido is taking advantage of that to promote himself over there.

As part of his press run, he stopped by the Ebro In The Morning show to talk about his music, afrobeats and his upcoming album.

Answering questions on being the first mainstream success of the Afrobeats wave in America, Davido responded that ”it felt amazing”, especially as it is happening at a time when he wasn’t exactly chasing the attention.

He then narrated his deal with Sony Music and how he came made the decision to come back home after the release of his ”Son of Mercy” EP which wasn’t his type of music which led to him working with Tekno on the smash hit, ‘If.’

”For the eight months I was in America, I was really big but my records were not huge back home, it was not really what they wanted to hear.”

On the dissonance concerning the term Afrobeat, Davido clarified, ”The originator of Afrobeat is Fela… When African music was getting big in the UK, they needed a name for it, so they called it Afrobeats but if you ask me the original Afrobeat is Fela.

Me I call my music Afro fusion but I feel like my Afrobeat is so big, so I go with it.”

Earlier in the year, Davido had successfully sold the O2 Arena, becoming the first African artist to achieve the feat by himself and he admitted that initially he had fears it might not be a success.

‘I was scared though,” he says ”I had to get on stage by 8 and my boy comes to tell me that everybody is still walking around and I looked at the hall and It was half empty, so I paid the fine as I had to wait till the place was full.”

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On his next album, ”I am working on the album now, just wrapping up the features.”

Davido concluded the interview talking about his BET Award and educating the listeners on the misconceptions that surrounds Africa especially in the United States.


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